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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 12, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> the quest for 6 continues. excitement around the bay after the 49ers beat the panthers for the big win in charlotte. good evening. the exciting win for the niners sets the stage for a showdown for seattle one week from tonight and it looks like it
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will be a tense conference game. mike has a look at the highlights. >> the 49ers seem to have team of destiny written all over them, today's win over carolina, they will battle for the nfc crown in seattle. the first playoff experience and newton connect with steve smith. third quarter, kap keeps it himself, and 49ers on top, 20-10. whitner, and 49ers win it 23-10, headed to the nfc championship for the third year in a row. >> we faced them early in the year and they came out and played tough. we knew it would be a hard fought game. a team -- it was going to be decided by the team that had the most will to win. >> this will be the third time the 49ers have gone to three straight conference title games. we will have complete reaction
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later in sports. >> look forward toyota. niners fans woke up earlier than usual to watch today's big win. abc 7 news reporteder was there with them and showed us how the celebrations went. >> reporter: niner fans were pumped up in the food park. a dozen big screens were set up to watch the game. >> it is a good time. >> great to be high fiving random people and talking to random people and everyone is united in this thing called the 49ers. >> reporter: the fan s went wil when the 49ers twwon the game. the next stop, seattle. >> we are not afraid of seattle! >> bring us the head of the hawks! we want to head of the seahawks. >> reporter: we were looking for panther fans but could only find a few charger faith. >> i'm from san diego.
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>> i love the niners and we go to school at sf state. but you have to rep your own town. >> i'm a big fan. >> reporter: sebastian was looking for anything kaepernick in this road stand. >> a lot of people stop when they see her. >> reporter: if marilyn was around today she she may be saying this. >> let's go niners! >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> well, loyal fans are showing their playoff pride, here is a fan, loves his 49ers gear and looks like a panther. and team spirit was on full display. these girls stood in front of a breath taking background for this shot. e-mail us our photos and videos, you can post them on our abc 7 news facebook page. or tweet them to abc 7 bay area. you may find it hard to buy tickets for next week's
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championship game in seattle, that is because the seahawks site will not sell people living in san francisco. the 49ers have just returned home tonight at 11:00, the big welcome from fans will be live at 49ers headquarters. developing news out of san jose where the community is banning together to help find a serial arsonist. all the fires happened in the shaded areas just north of 280. 2 of the fires were this morning, including this trail that are was hit for a second time in four days. a san jose city councilman organized a block watch where they went door to door giving out flyers. >> we want people to clear out anything flamable from the front yard and that everyone see s the sketch of the suspect that they have got the 911 number and the hot line number for arson.
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>> the suspect is described as a very thin white or latino man, between 25 and 40, 6 fight, weighs up to 180 pounds. large framed glasses. in palo alto, federal investigators swarmed a house where two people died in a fire friday. the garage is full of chemicals and plastic jugs. crews were prevented from going on the property yesterday because the garage needed to be aired out. the two victims would be believed to be a man and his care taker. their names are equity examined to be released tomorrow. >> an off duty police officer is on routine tonight. the accident happened on 280 just after midnight. police, say the officer and the other driver pulled in to a gas station where the two got in to fight and the officer fired her gun, grazing the other person in the leg t injury is not serious.
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the officer was in her personal car. and was not in her uniform at the time. new at 9:00, late word that foster farms will shut down the central valley chicken plant where live cockroaches were found during inspections. the closure of the facility is temporary, it's being done to keep the problem from happening again. they found five live cockroaches. foster farms said that the plant should be open in a few days. a state lawmaker wants to see undocumented immigrants become eligible for health benefits undercovered california. ricardo larda believes that immigration status should not matter when it comes to providing health care to the
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uninsured. one republican lawmaker told the l.a. times, california cannot attract people come to the state illegally. the toxic water emergency in virginia is stretching in to a fourth night, what the officials are saying about the latest round of water tests. fireworks on the lake turn to fireworks in court. the lawsuit that is threatening to bring an end to a lake tahoe tradition. >> temperatures in the bay area >> temperatures in the bay area climb to the 60s a ♪ in touch with the ground
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>> president obama is announcing the today that a nuclear deal with iran begins a week from
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tomorrow. the deal calls for iran to cut back on the uranium development. while he agrees it was the sanctions that brought iran to the bargaining table, he added that he will veto any congressional tempt to have more penalties. 7500 gallons of water that is used to process coal leaked into the elk river. the national guard may soon be able to flush the system. locals say the coal plant blamed for the spill is in bad shape. >> the condition of the plant was not good. the danger was known to the previous owner and the danger was known to the current owner. >> it will most likely be days before the drinking water is restored. >> the organizers of fireworks
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on the tahoe lake were in danger of a lawsuit. they claim the firework shows endanger the water quality and violate the federal clean water act. $75 million in fines are being demanded. the authorities says this is the first complaint in the 30 years it held the shows. next on abc 7 news at nine, how you can help to send this squad on a chance to compete in the nationals. 49ers gearing up for another super bowl berth as they move to the third nfc title game. the third nfc title game. it was chipp
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>> covering, novato, oakland and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. it's been a good day on the international space station. the six astronauts receive both food and christmas presents. groceries equipment and ants for experiments were delivered. the capsule was supposed to be delivered last month but was delayed because of the station's cooling problem. [ cheering ] the castlemont cheer leaders practiced this afternoon as they do every day, they qualified for the national finals their trip will cost five,000, and they will need to get their money together to secure their spot in
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march. >> a couple of cups off coffee can perk you up and give your memory a jolt. in a study of more than 100 people, researches found that one cup a day was found to improve short-term memory. participants were shown several images and were tested, one, three and 24 hours later to see what images they remembered seeing. those that took a caffeine pill did better than those that did not. this study was published in the journal w neuro nature science. >> that was good to know. >> hey, listen, big changes weather-wise, as we head into the up coming work week. i know we need the rain guys, we all know that, unfortunately the storm track is going to once again be pushed to the north of us, so, we will have some pleasant weather and record breaking highs as we go to the middle part of the work week. live drop lar 7 hd, not taking
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in return at at all. the high pressure is building in. speaking of highs. here is a look at it for today. it was 57 in closer lake, and 63 in san ra fell. san francisco came up a few dree agrees to 59 degrees. most locations were in the mid to low 60s. and santa cruz topped out at 64 degrees. san francisco, 56, we have 46 right now in redwood city and from our emeryville cam, concord, 44 degrees, you can see the clear skies out there. temperature wise we are in the mid to low 50s in the city. our forecast highlights. clear tonight, we are going to get in to slight off shore winds mainly the higher elevations. warming trend really begins tomorrow and you notice it right in through mid week as we get close to record highs for this
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time of year. overnight temperatures with clear skies, 30s in the north bay and east bay, and 40s elsewhere. i want to show you the water vapor imagery. this is the clouds yesterday. you could get a sense of the high pressure pushing the storm track to the north of us. check it out on that storm track. high pressure building in, all the clouds going up and over this ridge, indicative of what he had to deal with last week t ridge returns to the north. high pressure builds in. off shore winds and that will mean record highs this week. it's also going to mean a dryer air mass. so we are looking at the potential once again for high fire danger. now, here is an example for you, oakland, average high 58, tomorrow 67, but check out wednesday and thursday, near 70 degrees, and if you are spending any time this week in san jose, this is what we are talking about, 66 tomorrow, 73 degrees
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on sunday and 71 on thursday and friday, and highs for your monday. temperatures, that is going to be when we really start to warm it up. 64 san francisco, we will look for mid to upper 60s in the livermore valley. and record highs on wednesday and thursday in the 70s for the bay area. lots of sunshine and we cloud it up next saturday and sunday. and neighbormaybe a sprinkle or saturday and sunday. >> this 49ers team starting should remind me of the super bowl team. of course, the defense is carrying this the team to the promise land. the panther quarterback, cam newton making his playoff debut, looking solid in the first half, down 6-0 in the second, finding steve smith, 7-6 pantherss. next possession, tolbert, stops
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on field and goal. 10-6 carolina before the half, kaepernick hits vernon davis. it was ruled incomplete. call was reversed. 13-10 niners at the half. niners driving and kaepernick to boldin, and eight catches, and 136 yards. down inside the 5 and two plays later. kap keeps it for himself. niners on top. 20-10. mocking cam newton's touchdown celebration. a lot of people unhappy about that move. carolina, an eight minute drive. and bowman with one of the five 49ers sacks. ninerss get it back on the fourth and need a long drive to ace the game. third one, who you are going to give it to. 23-10 game. and whitner seals it with carolina, driving, newton throws the second pick of the game. niners are driving it. 23-10 your final. kap threw for a touchdown and
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ran one in. next sunday at 3:30 p.m. >> what is relevant is that you know, our team won the game. as mr. al davis said so pro foundly, just win, baby, onward, and we will take this and move to the next round. >> all right, stick around for 49ers tight end, vernon davis, as he talks about next week's game. vernon's vee coming up at denver up 7-0, second quarter. finds wes welker, chargers chip away in the fourth. 24-7, and rivers throws to keenan allen. his second touchdown of the game. denver seals the game, third and 17.
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and manning against julius thomas for 21 yards. are you kidding me. denver hangs on to win it. they will face the patriots in the afc title game. all right, let's switch gears, stanford men's basketball team looking to salvage their game. matthew knight arena. and stepping into the passing lane. finishes with a reverse. knives to the defense. stanford up 25. stuffs josh, can he handle rejection? looks like it. on oregon down two. looking to tie the game. misses the layup. stanford upsets number 17 oregon. 82-80 your final. fourth ranked stanford women taking on carolina. first half, banks in a three. game high 34. only the second three of the
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season. 5, threes in the first half. drains the tre in the first half buzzer. stanford holds off the bust. their 14th straight victory. leaving the 19th ranked golden bears in utah. and a rebound, and gray picks her pok et and lays it in to give cal a 7-point lead. drives the lane. pump scores and is fouled. cal goes up nine and they go on to win 68-59 the final. stick around more from charlotte. since the merger in 1970, jim harbaugh is the first coach to stay his team to the national championship three consecutive seasons. pretty impressive and reminds me of the 1981 team. we will see what happens. >> up next, shock and awe at the
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00, a reverend arrested, accused of fire bombing a home. target and niemann marcus are not the only stores hacked over the holidays. the what you need to know to
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protect your credit. and awards season is under way. the big winners at the golden globes and what it could mean for this year's oscars. tonight at abc news at 11. the drama "lone survivor" was a run away winner at the box office. it's based on the true story of a dangerous navy seal mission in afghanistan in 2005, it picked up more than $38 million. disney's "frozen" brought in $15 million. and legend of hercules, earning about $8.5 million. the hobbit, rounds out the top 5 and we do not want you to for get to oscar nominations are announced this thursday. and of course, abc 7 is your hope for the 86th academy awards on march 2nd. that is always a good time.
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>> no question, i have seen a couple of the movies. and of course, i'm a big oscar guy. >> right, you are. >> couple more moviesvy to see, and like i said, the globes starts the awards season. it will be interesting. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 9:00. thank you for joining us. our next news cast will be at 11:00, over on abc 7, and remember, you can find us online, on facebook, and twitter at abc 7 news bay area. we are there for you 24/7.
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>> this is the show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. some call it crazy. some call it adorable. but everyone calls it bloopers! so stop what you're doing because what you're doing is watching and bloopers! let's go. >> hi, i am bloopers and welcome to dean cain -- or something like that. first, time to prove that old saying, where there is a wheel, there is a way -- to hurt yourself. start with something simpl


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